The Kiwi Asian Club is a club for everyone on and off campus!


KAC is a social, cultural and sporting club, with plenty of weekly events on during the year covering all these aspects. With weekly sports and cultural sessions and our main event on the weekends, we are one of the most active clubs at the University. Fast forward 15 years, and we have over 850 members!


The club hopes to foster long-lasting friendships and celebrate the cultural diversity among students in New Zealand. We provide the ultimate network of friends and welcome everybody of any social and cultural background. If you’ve only just joined KAC, don’t be worried! The  club puts on team-based events for people to meet each other, and we have new members attending every week. Our old members will be more than happy to show you the ropes, and our friendly Exec team will help you along the way.


In 2012, KAC proudly won the awards for the AUSA General Club of the Year and the AUSA Supreme Club of the Year.

Executive Team

IMG_3126 (1)

Jonathan Soulsby


Singing is his passion, Oozing emotions fill the air, Undoubtedly singing his whale songs. Lingering in the water as always, Surely he must be a merman, But how could a merman be a computer systems engineer, Your time to find out but in the next solar year


Guykit Lang


I say Guy you say Kit. His name? Guykit!
He’s the treasurer of Kac so ask him for some money. His skill in Hearthstone are not too shabby. If you looking for a board game pro then look no further. Just look for the big friendly giant that gets you a fun time together. ‘Mic drop’


Ashleigh Young


KAC’s bright young media designer! She's the mastermind extraordinaire behind all of our lovely banners and designs you might see around. Don’t let her size fool you, this second year commerce student is a lover of good food, especially anything with her favourite food: cheese!


Shino Ikeda


This future teacher is the cutest ball of sunshine.
With a heart of gold, you’ll find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
From sushi cakes to pizza, you’ll struggle to find something Shino can’t cook!

IMG_3156 (1)

Cindy Qiu


You see a pink hat? Well, you’ve found Cindy! She is easily the one with the KAC factor in the team with many talents from singing to burning rice! Don’t get tricked just because she looks quiet, get to know her and you’ll know why we call her the savage Cinderella.


Joshua Young


From Wellington to Auckland for uni round two
Yung Josh is back again and he’s ready for us too
From engineering madman to racquet sport star,
He’s really got it going with a Jazzy blue car.
He’s a real nice bloke, he always makes us smile,
And any time you ask for help, he’ll go the extra mile


Jonathon Xu

AESIR Representative

If you’re looking for someone with a great sense of humour or need some advice for a great sense of swag, look no further & find the NY hat. Join him in activities in the great outdoors, from longboard to snowboard, you'll never get bored. New dp? Don't worry cus your friend Jonno has gotchu fam.


Leanne Lee

AUT/ER Representative

If you love pilates then you’ve found the right person. She has a passion of doing it along with the Youtuber Cassey Ho. Early to bed, early to rise she is very healthy and wise.
She is fun and bubbly, and very love-lee.


The club was formed in 2001, with a membership of 150 members. Fast forward 15 years, and the club now has over 1000 members.

Past executive teams:


Jonathan Soulsby, Guykit Lang, Ashleigh Young, Shino Ikeda, Cindy Qiu, Jonathon Xu, Joshua Young, Leanne Lee


Guyhei Lang, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guykit Lang, Brenda Phu, Sandra Chan, Jonathan Soulsby


Dennis Zhang, Maysie Chan, Val Ong, Leon Chan, Harry Yang, Sylvia Poon, Docie Ng, Guyhei Lang


Khwan Ong, Victor Yim, Cammy Leung, Maysie Chan, Guyhei Lang, Guyon Lang, Dennis Zhang


Victor Yim, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Eugenia Ng, Khwan Ong, Horace Yeung, Cammy Leung


Eugenia Ng, Seb Cheng, Kathy Lin, Dominic Wong, Leon Shen, Gary Wang, Victor Yim


Joni Lee, Josh Tan, Seb Cheng, Jeremy Tan, Eugenia Ng, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Tony Tung


Josh Tan, Danny Chang, Tony Tung, Amy Jarm, Alice Chan, Yingyan Zhou, Joni Lee


Winner Tian, Danny Chang, Josh Tan, Darren Poh, Kathryn Cho, Anzie Huynh, Allen Yip


Tim Chung, Sang Lee, Marcus Chan, Danny Chang, Winner Tian, Kathryn Cho, Bettina Tran


Suzanne Law, Tim Chung, Michael Ng, Paul Hy, Winner Tian, Sang Lee, Ben Limisella


Kelvin Chu, Michael Ng, Suzanna Law, Logan Wong, Ben Limisella, Arielle Tai, Tim Chung


Ngok Ung, Kelvin Chu, Mikee Sue, Ben Chiu, Suzanne Law, Ronald Navera


Ken Ginn, Ngok Ung, Sarah Young, Gordon Tarm, Emily Chan, Kelvin Chu, Jenny Te


Jason Kwan, Kelvin Chu, Emily Chan, Gordon Tarm, Jenny Te, Ken Ginn, Gordon Wong


Wingki Ng, Janine Chung, Jason Kwan, Ken Ginn, Linda Louie, Rose Lee


Gina Cheung, Jason Kwan, Janine Chung, Wingki Ng