AFDA 2016

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for! The time has come for A Few Days Away!

One of the most popular event of the year for all KAC members.

3 days to retreat and relax from in-tents uni life and all your woes; to have heaps of fun at our own KAC camp. Reconnect with nature and get away from your computer screens and textbooks.

Where you can get to know other people, make new friends, hang out and just have a great time.

Endless activities, dazzling dance moves, conversations and good memories to be had. A reprieve from everyday life who wouldn’t want s’more. It’ll be the best few days you’ll spend this break filled with songs, laughter, games and adventures; you won’t regret it.

So set your alarms and get your devices ready. Spots are limited and will fill up FAST!