ASIA Charity Games

Yooooo!! It’s ASIA’s Charity Games!!


It’s a day or two of playing sports with your friends and having a blast. There’s a variety of sports that we will play over the two days.



If we were to include yoga though.. that would be a bit of a stretch.

So instead we’ve got volleyball. Cause if you’re sick of poor service, then return it!

We got dodge ball. Unlike the ball in dodgeball, this is something you shouldn’t avoid.

There’s ultimate frisbee. What do your plans on the weekend and a frisbee have in common? You should toss it for charity games. Last but not least, we have kickball.



Just roundhouse your problems away by enjoying yourself at ASIA’s charity games. All proceeds go towards charity!


So hop, jump and skip your way down to ASIA’s charity games if you’re looking for a good time. 100m in <10 seconds good time.


Contact your ASIA rep for any further questions. If you wish to spectate, sign-up is not required and the $5 donation fee still applies.


***Sign Ups OPEN Wed 1st April @ 6:00pm***

***Sign Ups CLOSE Wed 22nd April***