To wrap up before mid sem break, we are hosting the best Korean invention ever! KBBQ!


Ever wondered who can cook the best and present food as a finely arts? Ever wondered who miserably can’t cook food for their dear life? Whether you’re Gordon Ramsey or a goblin, everyone enjoys and appreciates the art of finely burnt chicken.


It’s time to unleash your full potential in how much food you can eat! That’s right. It’s a full on all you can eat buffet! It’s alright ladies, feel free to unleash your true self. No one will judge! Make sure to come with an empty stomach and full attention the grill unless you want finely burnt chicken!


As always, come join us in a night full of laughter and fill your tummy with delicious goodness!


***Sign Ups OPEN Mon 30th March 6.30 pm***
***Sign Ups CLOSE Wed 1st April 6:30 pm**