Ski Trip

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, many footprints to be seen.
A kingdom of merriment, and it looks like it’s your scene!
The wind is howling like the excitement that’s inside.


Snow? Kingdom of merriment? Excitement? if you’re thinking of the Nights Watch then you are wrong, but if you were thinking KAC’s annual ski trip then bravo my friend. “I don’t know how to ski” you complain – well neither do I, so let’s try to keep each other alive. “It’s cold” you say, But there is the warmth of friendship to be weaved. Any other excuses please send an email to


Breathtaking views await you and unforgettable experiences beckon.


Let us go, let us go

Bring your bags and puffy jackets too

Let us go, let us go


Package includes: breakfasts, dinners, accommodation and transportation